What good is a software learning system if it doesn’t have quizzes? myEshala has the best quizzes that have seen the light of the day. When a tutorial is seen, how does one evaluate the level of understanding of a student? Yes, through a quiz. But, how can some simple multiple choice questions help in assessing the child? There are two misconceptions to be cleared here. The first and the foremost is that multiple choice questions are easy. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are far from easy. We conducted online tests for students of some of our client schools, and the results were surprising. The best of the students found their marks to be lesser than what they would have expected in a written exam, as none of the questions asked had direct answers. The students had to rack their brains to get a perfect answer. Unless a concept was known thoroughly (that is, if they had watched our tutorials thoroughly), it was impossible to guess the correct answer! The questions presented to the children are not scary – they are challenging. Since these questions are made after extensive research in the classroom, they have a challenge associated with them. Every student feels that a question is a challenge! The second misconception is that multiple choice questions (MCQs) cannot identify weak areas. In fact, its just the opposite. Our questions are made in such a way, that if a student wrongly answers some of them, we know exactly what the child hasn’t understood! We have a detailed reporting system, which will give feedback as to what is necessary to do in what section of a particular chapter. Again, this provides a fine grained control for parents of what their child need to do more of. Going ahead, all exams in the future will be MCQ based (the movement as already begun). Students using myEshala will therefore have an added advantage of already being on top of using MCQ’s. The only thing which might annoy them later on their life is that they won’t find all quizzing software as good as myEshala! We set tasks for a child on a regular basis in our software. Through this,  it can be made sure that a child studies regularly. Get a demo copy right now!

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