The heart and soul of myEshala are its lectures, or tutorials as we call them. These tutorials make every lesson taught very interesting for the child. It’s not restricted only for the child though – many times, parents are also known to have benefitted from the tutorials! This is hardly a surprise, as we pack so much information in each, combined with multimedia power, that everyone who watches the tutorials, loves them.

We have made tutorials in such a way, that a child will get complete information from each tutorial. There are no half-baked tutorials, and no “concept” based tutorials, where children or parents have to search through material, to find what is to be learnt.

Opening the board subscribed textbook index, and comparing it with the content in myEshala, you see a direct match! This is a big deal, as we have tailor made our content for every subject.

This also gives parents a clear view of what their child is learning, and what chapters are going to be covered in a particular unit for the school.

To get to see what magic we have worked in tutorials, why don’t you head over to the downloads page and get a copy?

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