Ideas for Parents

  • Though myEshala works without an active internet connection, it is best used when online. That makes analysis of your child’s strength and weaknesses easier.
  • Make sure your child watches the lectures before they are taught in school.
  • Set ample quizzes for your child. Go through the analysis of the quiz in the company of your child. Analysis is presented in various ways. Show your child how the upward trend is expected and decide small rewards when certain goals are achieved. Quiz questions are taken randomly from the database, so the more number of times quizzes are attempted, the better.
  • Encourage your child to watch lectures over and over and solve the most quizzes. Motivate the child to appear in the <Achievers List>
  • If possible, after having watched the lecture a few times, ask the child to explain the chapter to you. This would help tremendously to assimilate the gained knowledge.