Why us

 What gives us an edge over the already flooded market of educational software?

There are a few things which give us a unique advantage.

Firstly, our deep insight into technology. We are a group of people who have been at the forefront of technology and multimedia for the past many years. We understand technology and multimedia, and know how to use it effectively to deliver exceptional content. We know how to simplify things rather than complicate them for the end user – the child.

Next, our keen sense of identifying and solving problems. We have observed that the content available in the market is either too simple, or too difficult for children to use. Our experience with teaching in the classroom using multimedia has led us to make content which is suited for a particular age group. We use language and technology as effective tools for communication, not to show off our language or technical skills.

Next, the comprehensiveness of our product. We have a target for the Maharashtra State Board (SSC) syllabus as of now. We have observed countless number of softwares which sell “concepts”. Children are expected to use these concepts as and when necessary. We, on the other hand, provide a chapter by chapter tutorial for every subject (Hindi and Marathi excluded for now). We also do the same for quizzes. This makes it very tedious for us to make the content, but, the children get a huge benefit of seeing a monolithic lesson rather than picking up broken pieces here and there. This is especially true for the SSC Board, which is the most under-rated and the most neglected board in the country, for no apparent reason (there is an in-depth explanation of the same on our sister site)

Last, but not the least, our back-bone, Millennium National School, an ultra-modern day boarding school that has shaped the way we think about children and technology together. We can easily claim to be the best because we have been able to successfully deploy this package effectively in the school for all the children. We have been through an interactive process of improvement by listening to students, teachers and parents on various issues, and improving on them. We were able to identify problem areas and have solved them withmyEshala.

We are confident that myEshala will stand out shining amongst others. We have said enough. Let myEshala do the talking now.

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