The concept of myEshala has been designed after studying the busy schedule of parents and children. A child is expected to assimilate so much information and have so much extra knowledge in a very limited time in school. There is no time in school to reinforce these and not enough exposure to the subject to make it interesting enough. Parents are quite busy too and cannot re-teach everything again.

All this leads to an academic deficit for the child. As this accumulates, children do not reach their true potential. Here is where myEshala takes over.Lectures, which are made very interesting, are available to you at home. After small segments, preliminary testing is done to make sure the child is paying attention. And then, you get a detailed report of what your child has studied, understood and recommendations on whether it needs to be done again or the child can go to the next chapter – so you can also take action accordingly.

Better studying leads to better understanding. This leads to better performances in school, more confidence and a love for learning in your child. And myEshala does not deliver just the academics part of school. As we grow, your children will have access to other extra curricular activities as well! This gives your child the other things that are necessary – apart from academics – just like the child would get in a school. All this while. you remain updated on all the activities of the child!

Liked the concept? Great! Now give us a go by downloading a demo copy for your child!

If you still want to know more details about what magic myEshala can do for your child, here they are:

1. Lecture - Gives you an in-depth insight about the way we present a lecture and make it super-interesting for your child.

2. Quiz - Explains how taking regular quizzes related to the content makes your child smarter!