Who can use myEshala?

Students of the SSC board in any school in Maharashtra can use myEshalaat home


Is an Internet connection required for myEshala?

No. It is not necessary to have Internet access. Though it is highly recommended.


My internet is slow. Can I still use myEshala?

myEshala can work even with a slow and jittery internet connection. It uses low bandwidth.


What are the benefits of using myEshala for students?

Students find the video lectures very informative and engaging. Each concept is explained thoroughly keeping the syllabus in mind. Quizzes further strengthen the concepts and help improve exam scores


Is myEshala enough for my child for studying?

To be frank, No. myEshala is useful for understanding concepts and testing, but it is very important, that your child does enough written work. You can get access to sheets from us which have descriptive thought provoking questions. You can ask your child to solve them. Most important of all, you, as a parent, should spend time with your child in explaining different things related to whatever that he or she are learning!


Only SSC? What about CBSE and ICSE syllabi?

The overall syllabus which is designed by NCERT is the same for all these boards. The textbooks differ in representation. We will soon have content ready for CBSE and ISCE board students as well.


When can I get myEshala at home?

Now! Get it!